the saga of ormhildur

In the near future, the glaciers of Iceland have melted due to changing global climate. Sea levels have risen and coastal cities all over the world are under water. The surviving inhabitants of Reykjavík have attempted to rebuild their lives in the ghetto Breiðholt, the only neighborhood to escape flooding.

The inhabitants of Iceland face greater dangers than flooding. It soon becomes apparent that something was unleashed when the glaciers in the highlands melted, something ancient, something dangerous.

Ormhildur, a librarian, stumbles upon an ancient manuscript detailing how spellcasters in an earlier time managed to contain the creatures and monsters of Iceland within the glaciers, monsters which were freed when they melted. However, not everybody wants Ormhildur to attempt to recreate the spell…



Ormhildur is a graphic novel. It is a work in progress.

Follow the story at


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